Mayor Duggan to unveil sweeping new Tax Proposal during Mackinac Policy Conference Keynote Address


Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan will reveal a sweeping new tax proposal during his keynote address at the Mackinac Policy Conference on Wednesday, May 31. Coined the Land Value Tax Plan, the proposal is an innovative approach to fixing Michigan’s broken property tax system that would bring much-needed relief to homeowners and most businesses while making owners of blighted and vacant properties pay their fair share.

Under the Mayor’s proposed Land Value Tax Plan, cities like Detroit would have the ability to increase taxes on land while reducing taxes on homes and structures. It applies to every neighborhood, requires no application and never expires. If approved by the Michigan Legislature, the Land Value Tax Plan will provide long overdue relief to homeowners who’ve been struggling under the burden of high taxes for decades, encourage growth and hold land speculators accountable.

The address is set for 4:20 - 5 p.m. today.  To watch the Mayor's speech live, go to:

City of Detroit website: City of Detroit Channel 21: City of Detroit Government Facebook page: City of Detroit YouTube Channel: